Advantages of Recycling

Not only does the process of recycling help in resolving the problem of waste management, it also holds a number of other advantages and provides numerous benefits that are enlisted below

  • The consumption of fresh raw materials gets reduced to a large extent.
  • Energy consumption is put to a check and minimized, as fresh production gets minimized.
  • Pollutions levels go down with decreased waste generation and lesser production.
  • The Emission of Greenhouse Gases is put to a check, as manufacture of plastics is reduced.
  • A number of useful products such as manure, recycled bags, notebooks, bottles and so on are obtained from the process with very less investment. 


What Materials can be Recycled? 

A large number of materials come under the category of recyclable materials, and can be easily recycled. These include plastics, paper, glass, metal, textiles, electronics and so on. Considering the massive environmental damage that occurs because of waste generation, a lot of it can be prevented by means of recycling.

Striving towards a Zero Waste Economy

For any society to live and sustain itself, waste generation is bound to happen, as we live in an era of consumption today. But what we are trying to imply is that by using the motto of reduce, reuse and recycle, we can go ahead and still achieve a zero waste economy. This is possible, if each of us reduces our consumption to a certain extent which is humanly possible, try to reuse as many materials as possible, and lastly ensure that whatever waste that is generated by us is recycled, so that in the end, there is virtually a zero waste situation.

Recycling at Home

Recycling waste materials at home is not as complicated as you think. The key lies in waste segregation, wherein you must use three separate garbage bags to segregate your wastes. The first category would be the biodegradable wastes such as wet waste, leftover food, flower and so on, which you can easily convert into manure, by digging a small compost pit in your backyard. The naturally created compost will work wonder for your garden! The next category of wastes would be the recyclable but non biodegradable variety, and this would include items such as paper, glass, metals and so on. You can easily have them recycled in coordination with your community recycling centre. The last category would be the non biodegradable, non recyclable variety that includes items like ceramics, construction waste and so on. This can be put to use in several areas, or handed over to any particular agency in your vicinity that specializes in recycling this type of waste.

About Us

At B-Uses, we truly believe that small steps and simple initiatives on our part can make a vast difference to preserve the resources of the environment, and provide an effective solution to the problem of waste management. Recycling is thus a very simple, yet powerful concept that focuses on minimizing wastes and converting old things into something new and useful.







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